Liberia flag
Liberia flag

Liberia is a land known for its unity and hospitality, our nation during and after the settling of freed slaves had her sun glowing like a river of gold across the horizon, trees like hills towering the skies, mountains like fountains welding to the heavens, and the fields green as green could ever be.

Liberia was indeed a land of hope, a land of dreams, a land of God given natural resources and a beautiful land of freedom, and then came the hovering cloud of the darkness of our 14years of civil unrest and our home became a land of sorrow and a fog of death, man became an enemy to man, and like scavenging beast, we dug ourselves a grave, a grave of which we bury the esteem of our leaders and the pride, honor and dignity of our motherland.

Even our very will to exist as a nation was made fragile by such devastating civil chaos.

After over fourteen years (14yrs) of our shattering and brutal hostilities, we again tasted peace as a nation. In 2005, Liberians gathered at the pools to democratically elect their leaders, the newly found democracy rekindle faith in our hearts and again there was a room for hope.

We (Liberia) have lived on this hope for over 11yrs now and there has been no significant change in our lives, over and over again we have watched morally corrupt individuals excel to the hem of leadership in our country and siphon our resources.

I do not know why public officials defraud their people by betraying their trust and deselecting their constituent, I do not know why integrity, honor and truth are virtues alien to our leaders, I do not know why our country continue to wallop endlessly in the vicious cycle of poverty and our people suffer in the midst of abundant rich soil.

As the industrial and technological revolution is fast spreading all around us, Liberians still live as though we’re in the time of antiquity, we burn coal (Wood) right here in Montserrado, solid waste are languishing all in the heart of our capital, stable electricity only in Monrovia is still something yet to be seen even though we claim to have a dam, school going children are still sitting on bricks and stools in classes, internet connectivity seems to be a commodity available only for the bourgeoisies. Where are we heading as a nation?

The time is again nearing for them to perfectly play the devil’s advocacy, they will tap onto our burning desire for change and present themselves as the best alternatives, and the most shocking part is that even those that have most recently deceived us will return with tax payers money, lavish a small portion and ask us for another term, Some even stoop low by buying voter cards and trucking people like pigs from one districts to another all in the name of acquiring power. What a ridiculous democracy.

One may ignorantly blame the masses for falling to their ploy, how the masses will not fall for such chicanery when they have been left destituted, jobless and impoverished, the entire economy circulates only around a handful of economic rascals leaving majority of the population to survive on less than a dollar a day, even the informal economy which accommodates a huge portion of the population has been exposed to harsh economic reality like increase in exchange rate which is causing it to crumble and having Petty traders and yonder boys to barely meet their ends meal by sunset.

They (Politician) adopt to the famous saying, “he who controls the belle controls the mind” and think that they have what it takes to have the masses moving at a snap of their fingers, they must be living in utopia to believe so, this 2017 is a different ball game, we have barrage of qualified young cadres willing to volunteer their services to the emancipation struggle. We will derail such age old electoral precedents; you cannot subject our people to severe economic hardship and expect them to hail you again,

We cannot afford to live on hope; the incipient stage to genuine growth and development is now! Gone are those days when poaching politicians flagrantly say to us there is hope for a better tomorrow, let us all remember that today was yesterday’s tomorrow, all what our tomorrow will be depends on our decisions today.

We are the hope for tomorrow; we are the future and the star in the darkened sky, which is why we must vehemently reject behemoth promises from political Lilliputian.

If we elect to bow to their sham subterfuge, obviously our nation will have to face another six years of dire peril. We will not continuously perform the same formula and expect different result, we cannot sow bad seeds and expect good fruits, no no, we cannot reap what we did not sow, for neither God nor the spirits of our forefathers will grant us such favor.

If we truly care about the future of our mother land, we must make wise decisions now, we must wakeup from our political slumber.
For too long we have chosen to remain silent and watch sycophantic politicians execute their Sisyphean developmental agenda, a decision we consider the worst decision ever made and now we as a people have elected never to repeat so. With bullets to our heads and knives at our throats, we will remain amplifying our message of change to our people… Indeed 2017 is our year of inevitable change.

There will be no monkey work bamboo joy this term, it is time to give to Caesar what is Caesar, if you have failed us you will be given the exit door and if your integrity and handy work prove you to be an agent of sustainable change, obviously you will be afforded a chance to liberate us.

Change is a must and this 2017 is the open window to that change we ever so desire, there will be no compromise in the fight to liberate the masses of our people from the sphere of political miscreants.

By Henry Garneo
He can be reached via: Cell: +231777210670 Email: Facebook: Henry Garneo