As we wait patiently for the official nomination list for this year’s Vodafone Ghana Music Awards ( VGMA ), there are some few questions running through my mind which I believe needs to be discussed or carefully analyzed. The organizers of the VGMA have the exclusive right to decide who should get nominated and who shouldn’t.


On the issue of “who does not deserve it“, comes with many reasons… Some may be a general decision from the whole board or a personal decision from a member of the board which becomes a collective decision depending on what the decision that board member made is based on.

We have seen similar occurrences in the past years. Dancehall artist; Shatta Wale waged war against some of the top personalities steering the award scheme; and that affected his chances of participating in future award schemes. As it is now, we doubt if Shatta Wale will ever be mentioned or nominated to be part of anything concerning the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards…

Now why do I ask if Flowking Stone will be nominated? I guess we can all remember there was a bit of misunderstanding between Flowking Stone and George Quaye at the “Tigo Music Unplugged” event which took place in Kumasi last year (2015) over the performance duration, his lateness to the event and other small issues.

Since the same George Quaye is part of the VGMA board members, there is a huge possibility this might affect Flowking Stone’s nomination. In an interview on Pluzz FM, George Quaye openly said if Flowking Stone does not apologize to him, he wont be able to work with him in any way…

I did not see any official apology letter coming from Flowking or his management; and this tells me the worse might happen if George Quaye’s personal issue could influence the rest of the board members. I sincerely hope personal issues wont find its way into a highly respected and rated award scheme such as the VGMA. Talent must always be the first thing to look at before anything else.

Do you think this is NOT an issue which will play an influential role in Flowking Stone’s nomination? Or you think its very possible he might be washed out from the list just because he had issues with someone at an event which is totally not connected to the VGMA’s? We would love to read your comments!

Source: loudsoundgh.com


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