Rubaga South MP John Ken Lukyamuzi

Rubaga South MP John Ken Lukyamuzi

The exercise which was launched on Saturday in Kampala is aimed at equipping CP MP Aspirants with doctrines of the party so as to win more parliamentary seats in the forthcoming 2016 general elections.

According to the CP President Ken Lukyamuzi, during the exercise, MP aspirants will be educated on the key points such as federalism, environmental protection and the Buganda issues for which CP stands.

?We feel our candidates should prepare themselves enough so that when campaigns start, they know what key issues they should talk about. Their message should rhyme with what the party stands for,? said Lukyamuzi.

He made the remarks over the weekend while addressing a national conference for its (CP) parliamentary candidates, at Hotel Triangle in Kampala.

Lukyamuzi who is the only Conservative Party member in parliament representing Lubaga south, noted that the move, will win CP more parliamentary seats in the 10th parliament saying the issues on federal, Buganda and environmental protection are dear to many Ugandans.

?Currently I am alone in parliament. But when I retire, I hope to bring on board many CP members to join parliament using the debate on federal. Ugandans must embrace federalism,? said Lukyamuzi.

In his key note address, Makerere University?s Prof Yasin Olum, said there is need for federalism for increased participation by the citizenry, policy responsiveness, conflict management and policy diversity.

Olum however cited a lack of solidarity, efficiency, identity and size of a population or country as key challenges for constructing federalism.

?Federalism is a two-edged sword, while it may yield progress in some aspects such as democracy, citizenship and individual liberty, it also tends to create new divisions and weaken emotional bases,? said Olum.

Federalism is one of the governmental systems adopted and practiced by a number of countries in the world.

Discussing Prof Olum?s paper on federalism, Dr Ssemakula Mutyaba said for a country to attain federalism, there is need for collaborated effort adding that every stakeholder should have a role to play.

?Federalism should not be a Buganda issue, everyone should come on board and be part of this struggle,? said Ssemakula.

By Henry Sekanjako, The New Vision


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