United for change movement
United for change movement

“Upon all the crises in Ghana, we were all expecting to hear something better which can transform Ghana to the “BETTER GHANA” the NDC promised in 2008 but unfortunately President John Mahama and his NDC decided to throw dust into the eyes of the masses by mentioning a lot of uncompleted projects and uses a general term “IN PROGRESS” for the ones that they have not even dreamt of but failed to tell us the important things that can help transform Ghana”.

United for change
United for change movement

There is nowhere in the 2016 budget which shows the electricity crisis (dumsor) which has collapsed a lot of businesses and also made about 300,000 workers to loose their jobs will come to an end in the year 2016.

Parents are finding it difficult to pay their wards bills because of the economic crisis in Ghana and the minister said “We’ve implemented many social intervention programs in addition to 122 new SHS and 2 universities” forgetting that money must be paid before entering into SHS and the universities.

Instead of the NDC government to tell us about the measures they have putting in place to transform and make Ghana a better country, they chose to talk of their so called uncompleted projects which is just but exercise of mediocrity as said by president John Mahama in 2007.

“Only an irresponsible government will be showcasing development projects as expected of every government. That is exercise of mediocrity”- John Mahama, 2007.
So therefore, per what the president said in 2007, simply means that Hon. Seth Terkper came to tell Ghanaians that the NDC Mahama led administration is irresponsible and incompetent which is very true.

The 2016 budget delivered by the Hon finance minister, Seth Terkper is the eighth budget of the NDC government since its assumption of office in 2009 yet there is nothing transformational and beneficial to Ghanaians in the 2016 budget.

The 2016 budget came to an end without hearing of any job creations neither did I hear of lifting of embergoes from employment.

Change of government is the only alternative for development.

I urge all the Youths, Graduates, Poor paid workers, Unemployed and the masses to wake up in 2016 to kick out this IRRESPONSIBLE, CORRUPT AND INCOMPETENT GOVERNMENT.

source-Isaac Essuman (young patriotic crusader)


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