Finance Minister Seth Tekper

The Finance Minister, Seth Tekper will on Tuesday present the 2014 Budget and Economic Policy to Parliament.

This will be the second budget he will be presenting to the legislature.

The budget was originally scheduled to be presented on November 14 but had to be postponed to make way for passage of some bills including the VAT which has been increased from 12.5 percent to 15 percent.

A statement issued from the Finance Ministry said the budget will focus on policies to bring down the budget deficit, accelerate infrastructural development and sustained growth.

Meanwhile, ahead of the 2014 budget, the General Agricultural Workers Union is calling for increased budgetary allocation for farmers particularly small scale farmers.

It believes part of the economic transformation of this country lies in the hands of the over 5 million small scalebfarmers.

General Secretary, Solomon Offei Nkansah in an interview with XYZ BUSINESS said though it has been constantly engaging government over policies for the sector, government has done little.

He called for an increase of agric extension officers for farmers which presently is estimated at one extension officer to 4,000 farmers.

Still on the budget, the Ghana Chamber of Mines is appealing to government not to include the windfall profit tax in the 2014 budget.

Government on two occasions included the tax in the budget but could not implement it. Though the chamber is commending government for not implementing the tax it wants government to reconsider the implementation of the tax in its future plans.



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