SETH-TERKPER2The finance minister ,Seth Terkper??is??expected to present??the 2014 Budget??to parliament on??November 19.

This is the new date the Finance Ministry together with Parliament, has??agree on?for government’s economic policy statement to??be laid before the house.

The minister was originally scheduled to read?the?budget?on November?14,?however, it had to change?the date because of some challenges on?working on the necessary bills before the budget is laid before the house.

Joy?Business?has gathered??that the budget is likely to focus on programs that would??enhance the country’s economic growth, while strengthening economic gains.

Sources say this is??the way government plans to?go despite the current challenges facing the economy. The??Head of Budget reforms at the ministry of??finance, Eva Mends,?has told?Joy?Business?the budget would also come up with programs to address the rising wage bill.

Another initiative that minister is expected to announce, is fusing?spending plans of various ministries and agencies ?into results and achievable target.

This should mean that the every government department would from next year be asked to show what it has done with funds disbursed before new allocations are made for the next quarter.?The initiative is part of a broader policy??program to??ensure that government gets value for money and check its rising expenses

Source:?Ghana | Joy Business | George Wiafe


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