daniel kojo appiah
Daniel Kojo Appiah

We are very pleased to announce Daniel Kojo Appiah as the winner of the 2013 Ghana Poetry Prize. His poetry is a combination of symbolism, imagery and simplicity of diction.

?The Leashed Goat Bleats? was selected from a manuscript of 1500 poems from over 50 countries, around the globe. The prize of Ghana ?2,000 was funded by Poetry Foundation Ghana and the Department of English and Modern language, KNUST.

?Prestige Anthology? which an assemblage of the best 120 poems received through the Poetry Prize contest shall be released next year.

By Daniel Kojo Appiah

A lone tree stands.
A lone leaf falls
As several others follow.
The lone tree stands tall
But it may not by tomorrow.

The leashed goat bleats…
It tugs, ever so forcefully
It chokes, ever so dangerously.
It tugs!
The lone tree shakes
As the goat?s neck bones
Almost break.

It trips on a random stone,
Landing on its bloated side.

The lone tree shakes!
The leashed goat bleats!

And still,
With goatly resolve it repeats
It tugs!

But as the rope
Begins to fray,
And the goat
The rope snaps!
The tree breaks!
And the goat now free,
Bleats no more
Dying a free goat.

Daniel Kojo Appiah is a Ghanaian poet and Spoken Word artist. He has been writing poetry since 2004. He is an undergraduate of Regent University College 2013, Ghana. Daniel is the First winner of Ghana Poetry Prize.

Dr Charles Marfo

Poetry Foundation Ghana.


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