The CEO of Teteatenpon Prayer Center and also the Assembly Member for Amanase South Electoral Area Apostle Addo Agyekum has indicated that 2013 will be a year of hardship and a trying time.

He said most Ghanaians are going to experience hardship due to the detestable and abominable acts of some leaders in the country.

According to him, the Lord revealed this to him on the first week of February 2012, warning that there is the need to eschew acts which are babaric to the will of God.

He attributed this to the time of the 2012 general elections, that he was a witness to two different polling stations at Amanase that some people were not allowed to vote because the verification machine did not verified them but their names were registered and they are also qualified and others were allowed to vote with similar problems.

He again said it was revealed to him that if laws are not put in place to govern gays whether it should be abolished or be expected in the country, Ghanaians will receive a terrible punishment from the Lord.

He pleaded with leaders of states and Ghanaians to help in preventing the wrath of God.



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