Kwami AhiabenuPenplusbytes? partner in strengthening media oversight of the extractive sectors,Revenue Watch Institute, through its Regional Extractive Industries Knowledge (REIK) Hub is hosting the fourth edition of the annual?Summer School on Governance of Oil, Gas and Mining Revenues?at the Mensvic Grand Hotel in Accra from 11th to 25th August, 2013.
The summer school is open to senior level civil society activists, government officials, youth activists and traditional authorities who are engaged in the sector, Members of Parliament and clerks serving in Extractive Industries (EI) relevant parliamentary sub-committees and senior level journalists/editors that cover EI relevant topics.?

The 2-week residential course comprehensively covers the EI value chain and seeks to deepen knowledge and equip participants with skills for them to undertake independent analysis of fiscal and revenue management policies, EITI reports, Contracts and key legislation in their own countries.

According to Mr. Emmanuel Kuyole, Africa Regional Director of Revenue Watch, ?The program has over the years had 167 participants from Tanzania, Uganda, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Liberia, South Sudan, Malawi, South Africa, Zambia, Kenya and Ghana. This year however, more participants from other resource-rich African countries will join the program. The workshop will be addressed by seasoned resource persons from across the continent who have both academic and activism backgrounds.?

Penplusbytes Oil and Gas Project Director, Mr. Fred Avornyo on his expectations from the workshop said ?I see this as an eye-opener as it will give me the opportunity to have a deeper understanding of the industry, particularly the accounting processes and the revenue streams.?

The workshop aims at helping members of government, the media, civil society organisations and trade unions broaden their knowledge of the extractive sector issues and their impact on socio-economic development.

The Regional Extractive Industries Knowledge Hub is a center of knowledge development established by Revenue Watch Institute (RWI) in collaboration with German International Development Cooperation (GIZ).


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