Cedric Mandembo, who lost his only judo bout in 49 seconds, has gone missing in London

Few minutes ago, I heard BBC Radio 4 reporting that, the head of the DR Congo Olympic team has confirmed 4 members of their team are missing in London?

A judo player and three other members of the central African country?s Olympic delegation have been missing in London since the weekend, adding to a list of seven other African athletes who have vanished during the Games.

Missing indeed?LOL. I thought Cameroon was the only going to mess with the dignitary of African sports men and women, but I guess more will join the run-away to seek greener pasture in Britain.

I think some of these sportsmen and women do not think ahead of time. If you are doing great in your country and have been selected to represent a whole country at such a historic event, what stops you from going back and working hard on your talent?

Of course, unless they are not genuine ?sportsmen?.

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