The first US Presidential debate held October 3, 2012 was perhaps the greatest performance of Gov. Romney in his career so far that I have watched, in debating President Obama. All the polls have given Romney a win by some 67% to 23%. He could not be happier. I had suspected the man could be a fierce combative tiger in a den, and a gentle soul act from Pastor Obama does not work in such situations.?



Obama & Romney
Obama & Romney

It has become obvious Gov. Romney is a very fast dancer on his feet, and he exhibited great passion with fast rifle fire articulation of ideas. He will shift positions on any subject to suit the general audience of what he thought people wanted to hear. They don?t call it politics for nothing and the man is hungry for the rich to have what they have earned! From the economy, taxes, the deficit, health care, Medicare and Obamacare, education, and perhaps even in a boxing match, Romney was very quick in shifting his own positions well known during his Republican candidate debates, to what he knows are popular positions today. Romney can be described as a ?clever thief? as the British would say. The Akans of Ghana say that if you don?t like a deer, you still have to admire his athletic abilities. So was Romney last night.??

The results according to a CNN opinion poll after the debate, is an almost 67% to 23% win for Romney.??Viewers rated Romney a winner on his responses on the Economy, on Taxes, on the Budget deficit, on Job creation, on Health care and even on carefully danced around the idea that he would not change anything about Medicare for the currently retired and almost retired but will give money to future retirees to buy Insurance. It takes a good salesman to sell used cars, as we say in America, and I think Romney did a great sales job last night! He was on fire!


???????The lesson of this debate performance simply implies that ordinary people of all nations are not very shrewd at dissecting the minds and statements and possibly intent of politicians, and even shifting positions in broad daylight. Anybody who listened to the many Republican debates and utterances of Mitt Romney, as I have done in the last year or more, would have realized the man was not telling the full truth or rather shifting positions after he won the nomination. Now he finds he has to shift to populist or centrist positions on health care, Medicare, taxes, middle income Americans, and the deficit. The Arithmetic just didn?t add up but who is to say but the man on the podium with him! He is not going to raise taxes to increase revenue but he wants a stronger military, perhaps stay in Afghanistan forever or till the last Al Qaeda member is killed, perhaps another war against Iran, and whiles spending trillions or $2 Billion per day, still reduce the budget deficit! And he can do this because he has the magical wand about creating jobs and hence reducing the deficit.


Gov. Romney was quicker on his feet in shifting positions to some of the popular positions of President Obama, seeming to be at par with the good sides of Obama?s plans, critical of the slow economic growth without regard for where we were in January 2009.

??????For example on Taxes, Gov. Romney said he would reduce taxes for all and will not raise taxes for any class. He said his focus was to reduce taxes for the middle class and leave the high income alone ? for they are doing fine. He emphasized he would not reduce taxes that would affect the deficit. How is that possible? He focused some time on the middle class and how they have been burdened over the last four years and how he wanted to help them. The President (or moderator) could not have a chance, or perhaps should have been more aggressive in asking how Romney was going to reduce taxes, cut spending on all groups, while maintaining Social Security and Medicare, and whiles increasing or maintaining military spending levels. Gov. Romney was very quick on his feet in denying that he has a $5 trillion in tax cuts and $2 trillion in military spending. That denial was totally brilliant even though it appeared he was not being fully genuine.

???????On the Deficit issue, Gov. Romney was very passionate and aggressive, and in fact cut off President Obama?s statement in the middle of a sentence twice, went on pointing out how the deficit had climbed up under Obama and went on and on about how he would grow the economy and all the good stuff about how corporations create jobs and he could do it whiles Obama had failed to meet his own promises.

???????On health care, Romney interrupted Obama again in the middle of his presentation. Gov. Romney was talking twice as fast as Obama who chose his words very carefully and talked at length. Romney said he would not allow pre-existing medical conditions in his plan, even though he does not have an alternative medical plan except the status quo to allow insurance companies decide. Romney even put out what appeared to be a lie that health care cost will rise by $2,500 under Obama. Where was the counter-punch! Obama gave the impression of a lecturer and not a passionate presentation to sell a used car or broken down economy to a disappointed confused audience! Where is the hunger, Mr. President! Where is the passion?

???????On employment the Governor said he would create 12 million jobs and said it with conviction like a salesman. Where is the magic wand he was going to use was a mystery!????

???????On Medicare and Social Security, Romney was quick to change his position and state he would not change anything on Medicare and Social Security for the retired and near-retired, and the voucher program will be for the younger people. Can anybody imagine a government sending 30 million poor people a check every month to buy health insurance so they can be seen by doctors? That seems like pure baloney! But who am I to challenge him but the man on the podium with him! In addition Romney said the President would cut $716 billion from current recipients of Medicare to finance his Obamacare. Is that true? Why didn?t the President interrupt and stop him also? Again Romney overrode the moderator in getting his points across whiles the President was gentle and slow, and acted methodical with patience, seeming like he was thinking or explaining a math problem to students. The President was slow, not passionate and perhaps tired? His use of his grandmother did not seem to evoke the sympathy he wanted.?


???????On the Housing crises that led to the financial crisis, Gov Romney interrupted Obama right in the middle of a sentence and went on for a minute to explain how the Dodd-Frank bill was not good enough but he would bring it back, refine it, prevent unqualified borrowers from borrowing and even regulate the Banks and do the right things! Sure! Wasn?t financial malfeasance and lack of regulations the major cause of the financial collapse? How can Romney out-stage Obama on this issue also! This man exhibited the signs of a real bully! And bullies are known to lie with open face! Obama should bring his Shaka Zulu spear next time, if one doesn?t mind my using one of my favorite world leaders of all time, Shaka Zulu.

???????On education the President made a very brilliant point about the need to lower college tuition costs and the future benefit to the nation, and was aggressive in getting his time and space without interruption; however Romney was quick to say he shared the same view.

???????On the role of the government President Obama gave an excellent answer but again Romney came out passionately with his reference to the American constitution and human freedom and helping each other when in need. Sure! How about the 30 million without health insurance! They can obtain help through their Churches, one has to guess. Is that what former President George W. Bush called ?compassionate conservatism??????

??????I love President Obama and know he stands to be more upright and sympathetic for the middle and lower class America, the 99%. I was so puffed up I just contributed another small $15 more in response to one of the four solicitations that came after the debate (a small widow?s mite). However there is no doubt in my mind that President Obama allowed himself to be punched and bruised and even his good ideas robbed. He did not throw any punches at all and seemed he was teaching a class with no passion. His story about his grandmother and family did not seem to work this time. Sympathy and likeability did not seem to matter in this lion?s den or shall we say boxing arena today. Romney went for the kill, overrode the moderator more than twice, interrupted the President about four times, and in the minds of the people they were watching the winner! He won by sheer aggressiveness, raw speed in delivery of ideas and how passionate he delivered!

My advice to the President: In the lion?s den, the only rule that works is Fire!! As Shaka Zulu once said, ?Give them Fire!? The only way the President can win a debate against Romney is to meet fire with fire!??


Source: ?Kwaku A. Danso


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