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2006 World Cup

The German FA have been forced to deny that they bought the right to host the World Cup in 2006.

Documents seen by German newspaper Der Spiegel reportedly show that the German World Cup organising committee used bribes to secure the votes of four Asian members of the 24-man FIFA Executive Committee.

The committee is said to have set up a secret fund that then-Adidas CEO Robert Louis-Dreyfus, acting in a private capacity, deposited 10.3million Swiss Francs into.

The loan, which never appeared in the committee?s budget, from Dreyfus to the committee was made in July 2000.

Spiegel claim that Franz Beckenbauer ? then head of the organising committee ? and Wolfgang Niersbach ? current head of the German Football Federation (DFB) ? were made aware of the fund by 2005.

Neither men have responded to claims they were aware of the fund.

The money in this fund was allegedly used to bribe four FIFA ExCo members into voting for Germany to hold the 2006 tournament.

Problems arose for the organising committee, however, when Dreyfus recalled the loan in 2005 (by which time the money was worth ?6.7m), and they had to find a way to pay back the money without arousing suspicion.

The committee made a ?6.7m payment to FIFA in April 2005, which they claimed was a contribution towards a FIFA event being held in Berlin.


German FA Boss, Franz-Beckenbauer

That event was later cancelled, but rather than return the money documents show that FIFA transferred it to an account owned by Dreyfus.

The DFB admitted on Friday that a ?6.7m payment from the organising committee to FIFA was made in 2005 ? and also that the money ?may potentially not have been used for the intended purpose?.

They did, however, state that their investigations into the matter had found no indication bribes had been used to secure votes in the World Cup bidding process.

?Within the framework of these investigations, the DFB found no indication of irregularities while there was equally no indication whatsoever that votes of delegates were bought,? the DFB said in a statement.

However, during those investigations, the DFB says it came across a payment made in April 2005 from the German organising committee to FIFA.

?This may potentially not have been used for the intended purpose,? they added.

Germany won the vote for the 2006 World Cup by 12 votes to 11, narrowly beating South Africa after New Zealand?s Charles Dempsey unexpectedly returned home early and did not cast his vote. He has also since died.

Source: Mirror


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