2 Chainz Recalls Being Edited Out Of MTV Performance

Enjoying the immense success of his debut solo album, 2 Chainz stopped by Sway In The Morning and the two rehashed the time the rapper was edited out of an MTV Unplugged performance.

Continuing his media barrage in promotion of his solo LP Based on a T.R.U. Story, 2 Chainz stopped by Sway in the Morning where they reminisced about the time Chainz was edited out of the Lil Wayne ?MTV Unplugged? performance.

Sway broached the subject, and Tity Boi seemed good-natured about it, since now he is enjoying success.  ?We did the unplugged with Wayne, Wayne was on fire at that time?typically with the Unplugs [sic] it just features that particular artist,? Sway continued recapping the night ?[Wayne said] ?I got a surprise for you??started talkin about a special guest he was gonna have.?

2 Chainz then talked about how he got involved in the unplugged, and how amped he was feeling that this performance and exposure could take his career to the next level at the time.  Talking about coming out during Weezy?s performance ?he on the stage?[saying] ?I?m about to introduce one of my best friends in the game?,? 2 Chainz recalls, ?we do ?Duffel Bag?together?this was like another look that I needed.?

Unfortunately, when he watched the performance on MTV, 2 Chainz was nowhere to be seen, ?then they edit my ass slap out of it?no 2 Chainz.? Feeling the rapper?s pain at the time, Sway sent along footage of the performance so Chainz could at least enjoy it himself, and it gave him extra motivation, ?it made me be like ?OK MTV, I?m fit to turn up on your muthafuckin ass.?

Based on a T.R.U. Story debuted at #1 last week, so it?s easy for the rapper to look back on being edited out of the performance as a learning experience.



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