The Women’s league Boards’ first edition of Knockout is expected to be launched and draw held next week in Accra.


The league will have 8 teams from the various regions joining each zone of the women’s premier league for the competition.

With Volta Region having one representative, Anlo ladies from Keta will experience their first ever National competition since the club was formed.

Caesar, with such expectation they need adequate preparation.

“I think it’s going to be tougher than the tournament held in Ho because we are going to meet experience coaches, experience players and even play with some of the National players (Maidens, Princesses and Queens) so we need to prepare adequately for the Competition.”

Volta Region over the years have not really jelled at National level. Volta Amalgamated Ladies once played the National Women’s league and were relegated in the first season. The second club that got the opportunity really disgraced Volta Region by representation at the Championship to the current league. Mighty Breakers swallowed about 50 goals and became the laughing stock for the championship.

However, Caesar being aware of that, have promised to redeem the region by making an impact at the competition but not winning it.

“The last time, a team from Volta represented us and put up an abysmal performance. So we going to that tournament, we need to prepare very well and write a name for ourselves and the region as a whole. Our target is not to win the trophy, but is to make an impact for each and everyone to know that, Volta region can also do something when it comes to women football.”

Source: #TalksenseSports


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