Dr. Kwabena Donkor, Chairman, Parliamentary Committee on Mines and Energy
Dr. Kwabena Donkor, Chairman, Parliamentary Committee on Mines and Energy

-Amidst growing economy, power demand & staggering power supply

Following the numerous calls for Ghanaians to efficiently manage their consumption as a way of preserving energy and avoiding waste in the system a national energy efficiency conference has been planned for July 4-5 at Akosombo.

The objective of the conference is to, among others, generate intellectual discourse on the various cutting edge technologies being developed for the electricity sales market, share capacity and expertise needed to assist industrial, commercial and non-residential energy consumers to improve their energy management to reduce cost, and establishing the level of energy waste in the system and identifying opportunities for its reduction.

The conference, which will be under the theme: ?Strategies for Electricity Cost Reduction in Small, Medium and Large Consumer Set-Ups,? will also open up new network for product information dissemination, showcase the latest technologies in minimizing costs in electricity consumption and create the platform for companies to market various power generating options.

According to the event organizers, Delsam Solutions, such a conference has become necessary following the realization that a lot of the power generated in the country goes into the waste bin mostly because the people lacked basics in power conservation.

?Expects will analyze electricity consumption levels in the country and determine actual electricity consumption and power factor, and recommend measures to reduce consumption. There would be a recommendation of the most economical fuel substitutes for Ghanaians and many more,? John Lotsu, Executive Director of Delsam Solutions told The Business Analyst in an interview.

According to him, buildings are one big consumer of energy, consuming between 40% and 50% of the total energy use in Ghana, through lighting, ventilation and air conditioning, powering of household electrical fittings, among others.

?A research conducted by the World Energy Commission (WEC) has shown that the total energy use of a building can be reduced by implementing energy efficient design strategies at the design stage of a building.

?Passive energy efficient design techniques like proper building orientation, use of sun shading, and selection of materials which are more suitable to our prevailing climatic conditions have all often been sacrificed for aesthetics.

?Excessive use of glazing has suddenly become the yardstick by which good designs are measured,? Mr. Lotsu stated, adding that, environmentally conscious architects and other design professionals have the responsibility to better inform their clients on the need to have their buildings designed to make them more energy efficient.

He said industry experts will discuss and arrive at solutions that would be applicable to the whole nation.

Topics to be treated include: Energy and Economic Development, Ghana in perspective; Relevance of reactive power management in electric power generation; Holistic approach to energy efficiency management- energy audit and management as key strategies; Power factor improvement and its impact on electricity cost reduction to the Ghanaian consumer; as well as Energy Efficient Standards and labels.

There would also be cases involving energy saving in public buildings, industry, residential and commercial subsectors; and leadership challenges amidst power generation in Ghana, and a look at the way forward.

The conference is expected to attract participants from all spheres of the energy sector, including technocrats, politicians and the end users – the general public. They would be drawn from electricity power producers, grid operators, power distributors, oil and gas and mining companies, energy sector service providers, financial institutions, Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs), academia and the media.

Source: Jeorge Wilson Kingson (The Business Analyst)


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