1. Do whatever it takes to actually meet girls. Go out to bars, join a co-ed sports team, make an online dating profile. What?s the worst that could happen?

2. Go to places alone every now and then. It?ll force you to make some new friends.

3. Relax. Looking like you?re only out to pick up girls is unattractive.

4. Don?t fear rejection. At some point, you will be rejected and it will be OK

5. Don?t order a daiquiri. Especially if she orders a whiskey.

6. Know thyself. If she doesn?t like you for who you are, then it?s not going to work out. So, maybe it?s OK to order a daiquiri if you really want one.

7. Don?t be sleazy. A pick-up line might get you a phone number, but it probably won?t get you a girlfriend.

8. Unless you?re 15, don?t use axe sprays, deodorant or any cheap accessory out there

9. Ask questions. Don?t just talk about yourself on a date. But then again, don?t ask questions. Talk about yourself, too. Got it? Got it.

10. Put away your phone. When you?re hanging out with a girl, give her your full attention.

11. Check text messages for typos. Especially if she was an English major.

12. Plan a fun date. Tell her to plan the next one. HEYO, so smooth.

13. Use good manners at dinner.

14. Text her when you get home. Give her a hint that you had a really good time.

15. Be specific and genuine with your compliments.

16. Let things unfold slowly. It doesn?t always mean you?re in the ?friend zone.?

17. Be confident. When it feels like the right moment, make your move.


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