A (12) year? old? girl Peace Ambassador? Deborah? Elorm Aflakpul? from? Wisdom International Preparatory School at Alajo a suburb of Accra, has appealed? to the people? of Ghana? to accept? the ?outcome of? the? Supreme? Court? on Thursday? 29 August .

Deborah? Elorm? Aflakpul? whose preaching? touches? many people?s heart? on children? day at? Presbyterian? Church? Accra New Town? District? appealed, on? behalf? of Ghanaian Children, to politician? and their activists? to? be watchful? of their? comments? before? and after? the? verdict? and likewise? advised? their supporters? to do the?? same.

In an interview with The Moment, she ??averred that it is the Ghanaian? child?s desire?? to live? in a peaceful? and? stable? country to? achieve? his or her? beautiful? career? and that? neither? do they?? wish? to? become orphans nor? refugees? in other country.

?Figures? have? always? shown? that? country? of electoral? violence, children? like? us became? the most? affected? although? the electoral? violence? was never? caused? by those? innocent? children,? she noted.

She lamented that Ghana has an enviable record of conducting successful general election and the world watched and expected peaceful and transparent elections in 2012. Peaceful? as it? went, the? Presidential result? declared by the Electoral? Commissioner, Dr Kwadwo? Afari? Gyan, were? contested? at? the? Supreme? Court? by? the flagbearer? of the New Patriotic? Party? (NPP)??? Nana? Akufo ?Addo, his? vice Presidential? Candidate, Dr? Mahamudu? Bawumia? and? the? party?s National? Chairman? Mr.? Jake? Obetsebi Lamptey,? certainly? it? was their? legal? rights? and I saw? that? decision? was? far better? than to? have? resort? to violence? to contest? the election? results,?? she averred.

She? said? the media? also? have? a crucial role? to play? if? there? will? be peace? in the? country, calling on them to be very careful? about? the kind? of people? they gave? space? or? airtime? to talk??? because? whatever? they say? can destroy? the nation.

?Some of? us? want to become? Doctors, Lawyers, Nurses,? Teachers??? and? others so when? violence? occur??? we can?t achieve these,? she averred.

She therefore? added? her? voice? in the call for peace, stressing? that? ?I thus, hereby on behalf? of the children? of Ghana, appeal? to the people of Ghana? to accept? the? Supreme? Court Ruling on Thursday 29? August 2013? in good faith. We as? children? do not? have interest as? to where? the ruling goes, our? only? interest? is that? the? ruling? by? the Supreme? court? is unconditionally? accepted? by? both? the petitioners? and the respondent.

?Story: Albert Leonard Yirenkyi


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