The Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN) says it has lost about 105 sub-stations because of the activities of vandals in its Uyo Business District.

The Service Manager of the district, Uduma Okala, made the disclosure in an interview in Uyo on Monday.

He said that only 760 stations, out of the 865 distribution stations in the state were currently functional.

“Following the spate of attacks on PHCN facilities by hoodlums, we in PHCN had complained to security agencies in the state for necessary assistance.

?We have appealed to the police to help check the menace by securing the substations for us,? Okala said.

The business service manager said the vandals were interested in removing certain components of the distribution station because of there market value.
?The vandals are more interested in the copper in the armoured cable because in the open market, the price is on the high side.

?They use the copper for ear rings and necklace and because of this they keep thousands of Nigerians in total blackout.

?When the vandals go to a sub-station they chop off the feeder pillar and remove the copper,? Okala alleged.

He said that a metre of the cable was sold for N12, 000 in the market.

Okala said that the police and other security agencies had already apprehended some suspects and that investigations were going on.


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