The Nite of 1014 laughs and music promises to be one that will require participants cracking their ribs in laughter. The comedians for the night Akpos and Clint da drunk are no strangers in Ghana neither are they strangers on the stage of laughs and music. Clint who?s first appearance in Ghana was on the mentor show where he composed a reggae tune on stage won the hearts of Ghanaians.

Clint da Drunk, the comedian Agwu-Ukwu, Nri born. Clint da Drunk, a topmost comedian was not born a drunk as his name applies. He was born Afametuna Klint Igwemma. The drunken comic character of his is part of the adventurous streak to create suspense amongst his audience but sometimes gets mistaken to be a drunk in real life though he is an occasional drinker.

Akpos another hilarious seasoned Nigerian comedian who has graced the stage of laughs and music on several occasions is reported to be charged for the Takoradi nite of 1014 laughs and music. He is also known as Akpororo, his presence at the last laughs and music left participants asking for more after he walked off stage. A true masterpiece comedian who knows how to get participants sitting at the edge of their seats.

Funny face our own comedian will be on stage to thrill participants with his own created English words and songs. He is all geared up and preparing fervently for the show as he is the only comedian in the corner of Ghana.

Artiste performing that night includes the dynamic energetic trio VIP and the rap doctor himself Okyeame Kwame. The oil city is already buzzing in anticipation of the first nite of 1014 laughs and music. Don?t be left out on that night as participants leave their stress and sorrows at home to laugh their hearts out. Be at the Akroma Plaza on 6th October and let your hair down.


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