Award-winning African music group VIP is expected to feed thousands of its fan base including underprivileged children in society as part of the group?s social responsibility during this year?s Eid-Ul-Fitr celebration.

?It feels good to be able to feed 10,000 kids in a day, VIP did it last year and we doing it again this year bigger & better. Giving back is necessary. Support the movement Vision In Progress, praa?, Zeal of VIP said within the week.

VIP, in collaboration with EXP Ghana, every year engages in various activities to give the people in Nima and Mamobi areas a good time during the celebration of Eid-ul-Fitr.

This year won?t be different, as a lot of activities have been put in place to celebrate the day widely called Sallah day.

Last year, VIP made Eid-ul-Fitr celebration a memorable one with great musical performances to entertain fans.

The group had astonishing support from their colleague artistes who took turns on stage to wow music fans at a show dubbed ?Sallah Fest 2012?, organised on the Nima main street.

Thousands of celebrants and music fans in Accra and beyond thronged the streets of Nima to be part of the ?Sallah Fest? which was described as one of the biggest street events ever. But ahead of the electrifying performances, VIP feted residents of Nima and its environs in the afternoon.

On Sallah morning, a large number of Muslims lined up on the Nima highway with their mats to offer prayers to Allah before starting the celebration. The celebration started with a buffet on a table measuring about 600 metres. The buffet fed about 10,000 people from Nima, Mamobi and Newtown.

The feast was accompanied by the Muslim traditional way of celebrating the Sallah, which includes traditional drumming and dancing and the chiefs of Nima riding horses in a very unique fashion. VIP joined the celebration as the group went on the streets to show love to the Muslim community. (FRANCIS ADDO)


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