The Iraqi authorities said on Wednesday that the death toll from six days of nationwide anti-government protests has risen to 100, with some 5,500 wounded

A statement by the Iraqi Independent High Commission for Human Rights (IHCHR), said the clashes in the past six days between the security forces and the demonstrators resulted in the death of 100 and the injury of 5,500 demonstrators and security forces.

During the protests, up to 98 public and private buildings were burnt or damaged, according to the statement.
“The Commission called on demonstrators and security forces to stay away from friction and adhere to peaceful demonstrations to avoid any violent acts,” the statement said.

IHCHR also called for a UN-sponsored national conference to respond to the demands of the peaceful demonstrators.
On Wednesday, hundreds of Iraqi demonstrators continued their gathering at Tahrir Square in the capital Baghdad for the sixth successive day, demanding comprehensive reform, accountability for corrupt officials, improvement of public services and job opportunities.

Earlier this month, massive protests erupted in Baghdad and other central and southern provinces for similar reasons.
The Iraqi government has responded by presenting packages of reforms aimed at providing job opportunities, building housing complexes, paying stipends to the poor and scaling up the fight against corruption.


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