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The World Trade Organization (??-??????) on 14 March, 2012 publicly launched a new database baaopchi favorite sets.

This is after four years of negotiations, a year of work by members of the ??-?????? measures application, data collection, organization, and said in the statement.

A transparency mechanism for a preferred trade arrangements (PTA) is a ??-?????? agreement concluded in December 2010 which aims to increase public understanding of the laws and a member of the nature, history and background of all preferred trade arrangement (PTA), offered a variety of covered products and preferred treatment.

All PTA also has lists of those countries are entitled to have access to a preferred market, according to ??-??????.

The Court specifies the transparency mechanism and the continued efforts of the PTA reflect ??-?????? and a broader goal to improve the transparency of trade policy.

By Ekow Quandzie/

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