Islamic University Ghana
Islamic University Ghana

The Islamic University’s doors were opened to everyone irrespective of their religious affiliation and ethnic background as far as they were qualified.

Islamic University Ghana
Islamic University Ghana

A statement issued in Accra by Mr Ibrahim Sumaila Dankwabea, the Public Relations Officer, IUCG, and copied to the Ghana News Agency, said “so far, IUCG has trained not less than 500 Christian men and women, including some priest.

It said these individuals were serving in different capacities in both the public and private sectors.

The statement said the current population of Christians at IUCG was approximately fifteen (15) percent which was expected to grow, adding “this evidence is sufficient to dispel the perception that IUCG is for only Muslims.”

The statement added that the name “Islamic University” sought to show ownership so that in discussing the contribution of religious organisations providing tertiary education to Ghanaians, that of the Islamic faith could be mentioned.

Source: GNA


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